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1:1 Training

Experience private and exclusive personal training tailored to your unique needs. Our certified coaches provide highly individualized fitness programs for optimal results. Enjoy focused 1:1 sessions in a private facility, ensuring personalized attention and proper technique. Benefit from hands-on instruction, motivation, and ongoing support. Receive personalized nutrition guidance and access our B.P.A. fitness app. Maximize your results with the most effective and personalized fitness experience.

Semi Private

Semi-private training strikes a balance between one-on-one personal training and large group classes. In small groups of two to four individuals, a certified trainer delivers personalized workouts tailored to each participant's needs and abilities. This cost-effective approach offers the benefits of individualized instruction within a motivating group environment.


B.P.A. Coaching offers online personal training, allowing you to work with a certified trainer remotely. Through video calls, messaging, and their specialized app, you'll receive personalized fitness guidance, workout plans, nutritional advice, and lifestyle recommendations tailored to your goals. Digital tools track progress and offer flexibility in scheduling, making it a convenient option for busy individuals or those who prefer home workouts.


Virtual personal training is a remote fitness solution using platforms like Zoom and Google Meet. It provides convenient access to certified personal trainers without the need for in-person gym visits. Clients engage in one-on-one or small group sessions with their trainer via video conferencing. You'll receive personalized workout plans, real-time feedback, exercise demonstrations, and nutritional guidance, all while tracking progress and receiving remote support to reach your fitness goals.


Fat Loss

Clients engage in fat loss training, a specialized exercise regimen tailored to facilitate the reduction of excess body fat and the attainment of a leaner physique. The paramount objective of fat loss training resides in the establishment of a negative energy balance, where calorie expenditure surpasses intake, ultimately resulting in the diminishment of body fat reserves. Efficacious fat loss training programs conventionally encompass a blend of cardiovascular exercises, strength training routines, and a deliberate emphasis on nutritional strategies.


Strength training is an exercise method focused on enhancing muscular strength, endurance, and size, with the primary goal of building muscle mass, increasing overall strength, and enhancing functional movements. These exercises often center around compound lifts like Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Overhead Press, and Horizontal Rows. In contrast, power training aims to improve athletic performance and agility by combining strength and speed through explosive movements, such as jumping, throwing, sprinting, and Plyometrics, with a primary focus on maximizing force production rate and refining movement efficiency.

Physio Therapy

Physiotherapy employs diverse techniques and exercises to aid in injury recovery, chronic condition management, prevention of further impairment, and enhancement of physical performance. Corrective exercise, a fundamental aspect of physiotherapy, encompasses therapeutic movements and exercises tailored to address body imbalances and weaknesses, rectify faulty movement patterns, boost muscle strength and flexibility, ensure joint stability, and optimize overall body mechanics.

Muscle Building

Hypertrophy training, or muscular hypertrophy, is a specialized form of strength training dedicated to amplifying muscle fiber size and volume. The primary aim of hypertrophy training is to foster muscle growth through progressive overload. This approach is favored by bodybuilders, fitness aficionados, and athletes striving to augment muscle size and overall strength, offering benefits such as enhanced aesthetics, heightened muscle definition, improved athletic performance, and metabolic advantages linked to increased muscle mass.

Speed & Agility

Speed and agility training for sports performance is a specialized approach aimed at boosting athletes' athletic prowess, explosiveness, and quickness in their respective fields or courts. It targets speed, acceleration, agility, coordination, reaction time, and overall body control. The training protocols emphasize refining running mechanics, optimizing stride, increasing power output, and enhancing rapid response to game situations, ultimately providing athletes a competitive edge to perform at their peak.

Olympic Lifts

Olympic lifts, or Olympic weightlifting, are dynamic, explosive strength exercises with competitive prominence in the Olympic Games. This category comprises the snatch and clean and jerk, necessitating a blend of strength, speed, flexibility, and precise technique. These lifts are demanding, demanding athletes to cultivate explosive power, coordination, and body control.

Body Building

Bodybuilding prep denotes the lead-up to a bodybuilding contest or an individual's pursuit of a muscular, aesthetic physique. This intensive phase encompasses a rigorous regimen of training, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments, with a primary focus on decreasing body fat while preserving or increasing muscle mass to achieve a lean, sculpted look. The duration of this phase varies, typically spanning several weeks to months based on individual starting points and objectives.

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  • Inclusive service with support for all clients.
  • Weekly programming for both in-session and out-of-session activities.
  • Access to direct messaging with your personal coach for quick assistance.
  • Personalized nutrition plans and recipe recommendations available in the app.
  • Save and revisit your fitness programs within the app for convenience.
  • Keep track of your weekly schedule for better time management.
  • Monitor your daily step count through the app.
  • Connect your fitness devices for a holistic view of your progress.
  • Track your progress through assessments, meal logs, habit formation.
  • Stay accountable to your fitness goals with built-in tracking features.

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Through personalized training sessions, we will work closely with you to understand your unique needs, aspirations, and any specific challenges you may face. By combining expert exercise routines with individualized nutritional strategies, we aim to optimize your performance, enhance your strength, and help you achieve exceptional results.We offer guidance on incorporating delicious and healthy recipes into your meal plans.

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