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1:1 Training

Experience private and exclusive personal training tailored to your unique needs. Our certified coaches provide highly individualized fitness programs for optimal results. Enjoy focused 1X1 sessions in a private facility, ensuring personalized attention and proper technique. Benefit from hands-on instruction, motivation, and ongoing support. Receive personalized nutrition guidance and access our B.P.A. fitness app. Maximize your results with the most effective and personalized fitness experience.

Semi Private

Semi-private training strikes a balance between 1X1 personal training and large group classes. In small groups of two to four individuals, a certified trainer delivers personalized workouts tailored to each participant's needs and abilities. This cost-effective approach offers the benefits of individualized instruction within a motivating group environment.


B.P.A. Coaching offers online personal training, allowing you to work with a certified trainer remotely. Through video calls, messaging, and their specialized app, you'll receive personalized fitness guidance, workout plans, nutritional advice, and lifestyle recommendations tailored to your goals. Digital tools track progress and offer flexibility in scheduling, making it a convenient option for busy individuals or those who prefer home workouts.


Virtual personal training is a remote fitness solution using platforms like Zoom and Google Meet. It provides convenient access to certified personal trainers without the need for in-person gym visits. Clients engage in one-on-one or small group sessions with their trainer via video conferencing. You'll receive personalized workout plans, real-time feedback, exercise demonstrations, and nutritional guidance, all while tracking progress and receiving remote support to reach your fitness goals.


Fiona W.

"I am also a personal trainer and yes, trainers need coaches too, just as professional athletes need to be coached. I started training with Jeremy at a time where I had hit a plateau, I was no longer seeing results and I felt like I had hit a wall when it came to training myself. Jeremy not only made my workouts fun, but he pushed me more than I would have ever pushed myself. He also taught me so much and he continues to teach me new things everyday. Not only is Jeremy a great coach/trainer, but he has quickly become my friend and mentor. I will always come back to him for help with my current and future goals. Thanks Bruce Performance Aesthetics!"

Sean B.

"I’ve been training with Jeremy for the better part of 3 years now, and its had a huge impact on not only my training but also on my life as a whole. Being a personal trainer myself, I was struggling with holding myself accountable and programming for myself as we all do. Jeremy has helped tremendously by implementing a sporty-physique program, which includes a ton compound lifts/movements and Olympic lifts. He does a great job of breaking down each movement in a way that’s easy to understand and that sticks! My PRs for each lift have gone through the roof, and my range of motion has increased tenfold. If you’re looking for your fitness to get to the next level hit this man up and be ready to break a sweat and feel the burn like you never have before!"

Quintin G.

"Just wanted to say I appreciate everything you taught me while we trained together. The specific hypertrophy training and motivation during sessions built the foundation that helped me lose 60 lbs!! But also let me retain and actually grow in strength. Still got some ways to go, but thanks to you I have a better understanding on what to do get the results I want. Thanks brotha"

Maddie Joseph

"Jeremy is one of a kind! He is so intelligent when it comes to training, nutrition, and overall health. He is also so professional in his sessions and the gym is very unique and clean. I’ve used his programs for the past few years and it’s been awesome to get stronger while feeling so good mentally. Also, due to being a former college athlete and having many injuries, Jeremy has helped to keep my body strong post college. Jeremy (BPA strength) is someone I would highly recommend to anyone and lucky to learn and be trained by him!"

Andrew Chewning

"After 20 years of lifting I wasn’t getting the sports-specific results I wanted from my workouts. I reached out to Jeremy for help and we completely tore up my old routines in favor of more explosive and hypertrophic movements. I lost 10lbs without changing my diet and felt my balance, coordination and endurance improve within a few weeks of his programming. The workouts have also changed my body composition and greatly increased my strength in compound movements like cleans and box jumps. His encouragement got me obsessed with kettlebell and Olympic exercises as well. Jeremy is extremely motivating, will answer any questions you have quickly and knowledgeably, will add your feedback to your training and is always looking for ways for his clients to improve. I credit him with helping me achieve my goals in bjj/grappling/wrestling due to the level of detail and dedication in his programming. I have recommended friends to reach out to him with their own goals and the results have been universally excellent for everyone I know. If you’re a long-time fitness obsessive, a hobbyist athlete or a person new to exercise Jeremy is a trainer that cares about your success and has the knowledge, passion and positivity to bring out the best in you."

Jules Castaneda

"Jeremy is the real deal! I went through a mental and physical blockage with my training performance for some time. I reached out to Jeremy for help with technique and help with getting myself back into momentum. And growing my glutes, of course. He provided me with a workout plan catered to my specific goals and needs, as well as, keeping me on check with macros. I learned so much and seen results within 2 weeks of training with him. He’s great with cues and making sure you’re learning the most during every session. I left feeling my strongest mentally and physically every time. Highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their overall strength and knowledge in the gym."

Fiona Wynder

"I can’t recommend BPA enough! My coach Jeremy has a wealth of knowledge and able to help with any goal you may want to accomplish. His experience really shows with his ability to train people of all ages and walks of life. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the facility is clean, aesthetic and has an abundance of equipment. A dream place to workout and achieve your goals!"

Kathryn Kane

"I have personally been involved in the fitness industry for over 8 years, so I would say I have a good general base line of what is to be expected when training with a trainer. Jeremy is….outstanding. He is extremely knowledgable in so many areas of overall health and fitness. I personally was dealing with muscle imbalances that have developed over years of lifting. I had hip pain that was getting in the way of my training. Squatting and deadlifting specific. He was able to address what needed strengthening and explain exactly what was occurring in my body. The exercises he had me perform helped…almost immediately. I stayed consistent with him for a couple of months. And could feel a huge shift in my overall training, strength, and muscle development. I could go on and on about the knowledge he is able to share with his clients. Finding someone who is actually invested in your journey and wants to help you get to where you need to be…passionately. Is hard to come by. I couldn’t recommend Jeremy enough. And this is coming from someone who is very passionate about training and exercise. He is incredible"

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